We aim to make the symposia an opportunity to contribute toward the development of advanced functional oxide, nitride, and diamond materials. Oxides have been attracting attention as next generation electronic materials showing unique and novel functionalities. The strong electron and/or spin correlation produces oxides showing various functions such as superconductivity, dielectricity, magnetism and so on. Nitrides and diamond with wide bandgap have been also attractive interest for high-power electronics. This symposium devotes an exchange of information about the fabrication processes and the properties of functional-oxide based bulk and thin films and nitride and diamond epilayer and substrates. The fabrication of novel heterostructures and nanostructures consisting of the different kinds of oxides, nitrides, and diamond has been enabling us with the development of innovative functional devices exhibiting unexpected and novel properties in recent years. Interaction between fundamental materials science and applied science will promote our idea and lead to discovery and innovation based on new concept design.

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